It seems like life has been especially busy the last couple weeks.  Between doctor appointments and visits with family we’ve been away from home more than we’ve been at home.  Gabe is handling it so well though!  He used to be so tired after a day out of the house but he seems to enjoy it now.  He likes seeing new places and loves the attention at family gatherings.  Speaking of family get-togethers…Gabriel’s 1st birthday is next month!  After talking with his surgeon we decided that Gabe is well enough to have his little cousins at his party!  I’m pretty sure I embarrassed myself in the doctor’s office jumping up and down and clapping when the surgeon gave us the okay for that.  Keeping with the good news, we took Gabe for his first grocery shopping adventure this week!  He did absolutely marvelous!  He was very interested in all the new sights, and just talked and played in his stroller the entire time.  He’s growing up so fast and learning and enjoying new things.

On June 24, Gabe went to the hospital for a 3 in 1 procedure; tubes placed in his ears, ABR (sedated hearing test) , and CT scan of his ears.  Tube placement went well.  In the recovery room, Gabe was dropping his oxygen saturation into the 80’s.  After watching him for awhile, just to be safe, the doctor admitted him for observation that night.  He was super fussy and nothing was soothing him so I didn’t really want to make the drive home anyway.  The next morning he was doing great so we packed up and headed home.  We haven’t found out the results of the CT scan yet.  The ABR didn’t go was well as we had hoped.  He does have profound hearing loss in both ears.  I expected it, but it’s still disappointing.  We have an appointment with the cochlear implant doctor this month to just talk about that option.  We really don’t know what we are going to do.  It’s not a decision that has to be made now so we’re not rushing anything.

This weekend, Gabe’s night nurse said that his lungs sounded really bad and she was afraid that he aspirated after the swallow study.  He was happy and playing, no fever, o2 sat was fine…just the bad sounding lungs.  So we headed to our local ER for a chest xray.   The chest xray looked good.  An hour later, we were headed home.  First ER visit without an hospital admit.  SCORE for the Stapletons!

Gabriel went for a swallow study last week.  I had brought a bag full of different flavors of yogurt and baby food hoping that he would be able to swallow something.  The radiologist was going to let me in the room to feed him so I was very hopeful.  We got all settled in and Gabe was very happy lying on the xray table.  I started feeding him but as fast as I could shovel in the food he was spitting it out.  We couldn’t get him to swallow any of it.  Spoon feeding was a no go.  On to the bottle.  I tried to get him to suck and swallow but I don’t think he even sucked hard enough to get anything out.  When the speech therapist started working with him, he got mad.  As a last resort, we squirted a syringe full of milk into his mouth just to see if we could trigger a swallow.  By this time he was super upset and just spit all the milk right back out.  So this swallow study didn’t go as hoped but there’s always next time!

It’s been a busy few weeks but thankfully we’ve only got 4 doctors appointments coming up in July!  Yay for more down time at home!


4 thoughts on “Busyness

  1. Barbara queen

    He is such a beautiful boy and I am so happy that you do these updates!! He is always in my prayers and my thoughts!!! sending you all lots of love and prayers

  2. ken reeves

    Enjoying your updates so much on Growing Gabe. Glad you have Moms writing skills and not mine. Keep up the the info. Its so good to see Gabes progress in these blogs very often. I know about these things daily but good to read them and you explain them well in the blog. Better go before I make any more grammaticlal errors.


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