IT’S OVER!  Woooooooo!  Words cannot describe the relief I felt when I saw the neurosurgeon walking toward us, smiling.  She was very happy with how the procedure went, and now it’s just a matter of time to see if the ETV actually fixed the problem.  During the surgery, a lot of fluid drained out so obviously the fluid level is better now.  In about a month, Gabe will have another MRI to see if the fluid is holding at the correct measurement.  Fingers are crossed!

Of course, Gabe wouldn’t be Gabe if his anatomy weren’t completely abnormal so it wasn’t surprising that the surgeon was thrown for a loop when she got into his brain.  In her words, “everything was a little off “.  Haha, sounds like him.  His ventricles are a different texture than normal, and he’s got some kind of flap partially covering the foramen.  Those little abnormalities aren’t going to affect him so we’re not too worried.

Beforehand, we were warned that about 10% of kids will have to stay on the ventilator for awhile after brain surgery.  But not Gabe!  He was breathing over the vent during surgery and came right off of it afterwards!  That’s our boy!

After he was settled in and awake in his PICU room, we were finally able to see him.  He was super mad when we walked in but after giving him his paci, he was asleep in just a couple seconds.  He slept really well for a few hours and when I saw him stirring later that evening, I went to his bedside and started talking to him.  The first thing he did was give me his heart-melting sheepish little grin where he smiles with his whole body and then covers his face with his hands.  It was so awesome to see him smiling just a few hours after surgery.  Within 10 minutes of being awake, he was waving his arms and legs, playing with toys, smiling and doing all his normal activities.  Man, what a trooper.  The doctor had prescribed him 3 different kinds of pain medications, including morphine, and Gabe didn’t use any of it.

Everything went really well for the 2 days we were in the hospital.  The recovery from his brain surgery went great.  He also got another IV iron infusion while we were there and he had no problems with that.  For a month or so, he’s at risk for infection from the surgery so we are watching him closely for those signs.  He seems completely back to normal, besides his hair…and that’s gonna take weeks to get back to normal.  The surgical gel/betadine look is not is best look.

For the time being, we are assuming the surgery was a success unless we see otherwise.

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, texts, phone calls, visits, and hugs.  Each one was very much appreciated!

Now that that’s over, it’s back to birthday party planning mode!  Less than two weeks!


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