Growing and Getting Better

Big news (at least for us it is) !  Now that Gabe is a year old, he needs a formula with more calories that will provide him with all the nutrients that a growing boy needs.  So today we began the process of switching to Elecare Jr.  The formula he was on before provided 24 calories per ounce and the junior formula will be 30 calories per ounce.  That’s a big jump in calorie intake!  We tried switching him to a 30 calorie formula when he was 4 months old, but his body couldn’t handle it and he started dumping (food passes through the digestive system without being absorbed) .  He’s older now, so we’re hoping that his digestive system has matured enough for him to handle the increased calorie intake.  IF he can handle the new formula and continues to gain weight, the surgeon will pull the Broviac!  WHAT?!  I never thought I would hear those words.  The central line being gone will make mine and Josh’s lives so much easier and Gabe’s life far less dangerous.  No more sterile line changes, no more chance of line infections (thus no more freaking out everytime he has fever) , no more weekly blood draws.  CAN YOU TELL THAT I’M EXCITED?!  …..Of course there’s always the worry that he won’t continue gaining weight once off the TPN and lipids and then he will have to have a new Broviac placed.  But we are trying to focus on the positive. 

Gabe, of course, is doing well.  We did tummy time today and he only cried for a few minutes.  After he finished his little fit, he laid there sulking until I turned him over on his back.  But at least he didn’t cry the entire time.  He’s getting better!  We’ve been working on him supporting his weight on his legs lately and he’s doing AWESOME with that.  He can support almost all of his weight!  Just today we met the occupational therapist that will be working with him.  Some of the goals she set for Gabe are: improving his torticollis and practicing head control by making him do more tummy time.  We are also working on getting Gabe a speech therapist.  The speech therapy will focus more on feeding and improving any oral aversion that he may have.  I am so excited to see the improvements that are right around the corner now that we have a more aggressive therapy in place!

September is a super busy month for us (8 appointments scheduled, all on different days) but I will try to keep y’all updated! 


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